"I just found out I'm adopted"... this is a safe space to connect and learn more about journey of Late Discovery Adoptees.


Expressive Arts for LDA's

- Learn about what makes your story unique and how to explore it in a meaningful way using the arts.

- Understanding the new geography of your world

- Claim your story

- Increase you self-awareness, and explore identity issues

- Learn how to use the arts as an outlet and source of healing

- Build your personal resources

- Learn emotional regulation and containment skills

- Learn about trauma, grief and loss related to the LDA journey

- Process your story and emotions

- Move forward, re-frame, repair, and rebuild

Expressive Roots Workshop for Late Discovery Adoptees

This is a self-paced, twelve-unit online workshop designed specifically for LDA's. Weekly offerings include an educational component, and an invitation for personal exploration through using a variety of creative mediums including journalling. Creative therapeutic art projects have been designed to support LDA's in processing their unique emotions and experiences. Some units will include voice and video components.  Accompanying most units will be an example of my own work in relation to my personal story. Workshop participants will have access to a private facebook group for sharing and exploring our projects; our 'Connection' page also has a password protected section to increase feelings of safety around sharing. While joining the group is optional, having one's work witnessed by another can be an important element of healing. Depending on the availability of group members, online meetings through Zoom or Google Hangouts is an option.

Some have inquired about training for professionals working with the LDA population. While this is not something I am offering at this time, I may consider doing so in the future. I am however, open to being used as a resource for those endeavoring to work with LDA's.

Please use the contact section to contact me and gain free access to the first 3 projects of the workshop, or to offer any questions or feedback.


Workshop topics:

How to explore your story in a way that is safe for you using the arts

Use character creation and story telling

Deepen your understanding of how your world has changed

Identifying your attachment style and what this means for you

Self awareness, identity confusion and integration

Practice emotional awareness and regulation/containment skills

Addressing your rage and other intense emotions

Family dynamics and constellations

Deception and secrets

Polarity; processing mixed feelings


Re-claiming your family in a way that feels right to you

Building your personal resources and coping skills


The broad scope of information in this e-course is not a substitute for personal professional psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content provided by Meaghan Carriere as an e-course is for self-directed learning only. Never disregard personal, professional medical or pychological advice, or delay seeking treatment because of something you find in this e-course.

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LDA's Expressive Arts Journey

This is a 3 month course designed especially for LDA's.

You will explore:

You will learn new skills: