"I just found out I'm adopted"... this is a safe space to connect and learn more about journey of Late Discovery Adoptees.


Please contact me if you know of an effective resource that is missing from the list, so I can consider adding it here.


LDA Resources


Relational Trauma in Infancy

Expressive Arts Handbook

The Primal Wound

The Narsissistic Parent

It Didn't Start with You


Adoption Reunion Registry/Agency







"Forum for Late Discovery Adoptees"

"I am Adopted"

"She's Adopted, they just didn't tell her"



Finding a Therapist:

Consider how you personally experience and process trauma, and look into the various approaches available. Trust your gut as to what kinds of therapies you feel drawn to.

If you process more on a physical level, someone who specializes in "Somatic Experiencing" or "Gestalt" may be a good fit.

If you feel drawn to the arts, music, or play therapy, consider meeting an "Expressive Arts" therapist. Trust your gut as to what kinds of therapies you feel drawn to.

There are many, many approaches. I mentioned a few specifically because they add a physical element to therapy that goes beyond talking. Many therapist will offer a free consultation so you can get a feeling for whether you connect or not.

I have yet to meet anyone who specializes in working with Late Discovery Adoptees, but if you have had a positive experience with someone, please contact me so I can add them to the list.

The most important factor is that you feel comfortable, safe, heard and respected with them. Ideally, this is someone you want to see and spend time doing this deep work with.

Related specialties would be: grief and loss, family dynamics, adoption, anxiety, and identity.

I also offer individual sessions locally and online, you can contact me on my "Contact" page.


Meditation Support:

Natalie Rousseau" on fb; she offers 30 day challenges that lay the foundation for having your own practice.

"Insight Timer" App; this app contains a timer, guided meditation recordings, and places to connect with others.

Consider looking into classes locally.