"I just found out I'm adopted"... this is a safe space to connect and learn more about journey of Late Discovery Adoptees.



Orientation: Claiming your Story using the Arts

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What you will need:


Materials, Safety, and Personal Intentions

A variety of supplies:

Surface: Sketchbook/paper, notebook or journal.

Colors: Markers, pencil crayons, pastels, water color paints, oil/acrylic paint, ink pad and stamps.

Objects: glitter, stickers, feathers, stones, beads, string or yarn, old magazines, scissors and glue, envelopes, little boxes, clay or plasticine.

I recommend going to a craft or dollar store and just picking up supplies that appeal to you on an intuitive level.


Somewhere that feels safe, calm, and private. The environment needs to lend itself to helping you to explore making art in a process-focused way, free from judgement from self or others. Consider, lighting, comfortable seating or standing, pleasant smells like those from a scented candle or essential oil diffuser, the use of silence or music, having a warm beverage or light snack handy.

Set Your Personal Intentions to Encourage a Sense of Wonder:

- What do I hope to gain from participating in this exploration?

- How often and for how long do I plan on doing this work per session?

- How will I know if I need a break/support?

- What tools of self-care can I include in my environment or plans? (snack/drink, timer, going for a walk, a hot bath)



- Mindfulness Meditation

- Family members

- Friends

- FB groups

- In-person support group

- Therapist

- Higher power/prayer

- Likely you have and idea what kinds of supports work best for you. Please brainstorm any others that may apply to you personally before beginning the workshop material.


A Note About Resistance and Timelines:

Resistance is often an element of growth whether in learning or in therapy; I like to think of it as the push-and-pull - a person's desire for support and healing in conflict with the fear associated with facing their emotions, struggles, and facing the unknown. Please know that this push/pull is part of a healthy defense system, meant to keep us safe! Signs of resistance: perfectionism, criticism, withdrawal or avoidance, feeling vulnerable, or needing to be "seen" or "unseen". The tendency towards resistance can make doing this kind of healing work more challenging. Please be kind to yourself if you notice a tendency towards resistance or avoidance when it comes to participating in this program; rather, try to be curious about them and make space for an awareness of those feelings.

Sometimes I hear clients say "I'm not good at art" or some version of this sentiment. If this resonates with you, I would suggest trying to focus on the process (the do-ing) rather than the final product. (I actually always recommend that this is the best way to approach using art as a means of therapy!) Also, try sitting with your feelings of not being an artist, breathe deeply and try to feel into whether there is a means of expression you would feel more comfortable with. Perhaps writing, making a video or voice recording would feel better for you. The only note I have to add, is that art taps into our right brain and can help us to gain new insight into even old material if we are willing to "go there". Art can provide us with a different kind of energy and a new means of communication. I warmly invite you to stretch your comfort zone a little, but still within what you feel able to handle. For any of the weeks invitations, if you feel inspired to do a different project or to approach it in your own way, then please do :D and know that this is very welcome!

I have split the material into "Projects"; I invite you to set an intention and timeline that allows you to work at a pace that feels right for you. I believe that much healing comes from putting aside regular time for exploration. Please let me know if I can be of more support in your journey!


The broad scope of information in this e-course is not a substitute for personal professional psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content provided by Meaghan Carriere, RTC, as an e-course is for self-directed learning only. Never disregard personal, professional medical, or psychological advice, or delay seeking treatment because of something you find in this e-course.