"I just found out I'm adopted"... this is a safe space to connect and learn more about journey of Late Discovery Adoptees.


This space is for public sharing of expressive arts projects.








Welcome to a safe space for sharing.



We all share the basic need to be "seen", "heard", and feel like "we matter". For Adoptees this can feel extra challenging. It can be hard to find supportive people we feel are worthy of our trust. This is a space to do just that.

In honor of ourselves and each other, it is important to have a safe space to share our stories. This can be done verbally or visually using text, video, or pictures. Stories, poems, songs, videos, blogs, vlogs, pictures, paintings, and collage are welcome here. Please email your submission to me: meaghancarriere@gmail.com and I with your permission I will add your work to this page. Please note this page will offer both a public and private option. I believe that it's important for us to have control over who sees our story, but also important to make some of our journey accessible to non-LDA's - parents, extended family members, teachers, therapists and other professionals as this is how we will help our communities to grow in their understanding of us.

For a "private" sharing option, please see drop down menu and contact info. A password protected area is an option for workshop participants, whose wish it is to keep sharing private or anonymous.

"Public" Expressive Art Contributions:

Adoption is Adaption

The ability to adapt is as natural as breathing to an adoptee. As a baby the person who gave me life is gone. I adapt. My adoption is a private family matter never to be discussed. I adapt. My class has a genealogy assignment but I don't know my heritage. I adapt. A medical assistant hands me a family medical history form but I can't fill it out. I adapt. In the genetic mirror I see no reflection. Nobody looks or acts like me. I adapt. My family says I am betraying them because I yearn for answers. My family does not adapt. I adapt. The ability to adapt is one superpower of an adoptee. Adoption is Adaption. I am a warrior of the Adapted, fighting for understanding love. I adapt.

~ Written by Kendra Mackwitch and shared with permission

A Safe Space to Share

A Safe Space to Share